Tuesday, 24th April 2018

Mission Concept

NAOSat is a modular satellite architecture intended for science experiments and technology demonstrators.

It provides common platform subsystems like :


And a compact payload bus rack with its respective controller board to accommodate a number of payload elements in their respective payload Slots, which consists on a connection slot in the rack and a payload accommodation card connected to the bus backbone.

Each Slot provides :


emxys develops UPV Politech.1

emxys NAOSat platform has been selected by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia for its first technology demonstration Space mission. The mission will inject in Low Earth Orbit three experimental payloads from different UPV research teams - a telescope camera for Earth Imaging, a high-data rate microwave transmitter, and a demonstrator of optical fiber temperature sensors-. Besides, Politech.1 will also include an experiment from NASA to study the nature of the upper atmosphere. The private company Aurorasat, developing the Ground Control Station, and the European Space Agency (ESA) will also participate actively in the project.


emxys is an innovative company that develops and produces embedded data acquisition and control systems for scientific and industrial applications, providing both the researcher and the technicians specialized cost effective services in R&D.

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